Are you tired and feel you can’t concentrate? Do you find yourself not being able to remember information easily?

Maybe you’re a student who’s having trouble focusing on school subjects or someone who feels tired and sleepy a lot of the time. Both could be suffering from anemia.

If you’re a student, suffering from anemia could directly impact your grade point average and ultimately your future ability to do well in school and beyond. Studies have shown that students achieve better GPAs if they sleep well and are more attentive in school. Anemia decreases their ability to do that.

Anemia is basically a decrease in the number of red cells or loss of the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood, and this, by default, will decrease the oxygen binding ability of the hemoglobin. All human cells depend on oxygen for survival and the worse the anemia, the wider range of clinical consequences.

Anemia is the most common cause of symptoms including feeling tired, fatigue, a lack of concentration, sleepiness, forgetfulness and an inability to retain or recall information. Having an anemia can be an early sign of iron deficiency and can cause symptoms like restless leg syndrome, where a person repeatedly kicks their legs during sleep.

It’s important to get your blood checked to make sure you don’t have an iron deficiency or anemia. For girls in middle school or high school, both anemia and iron deficiency could also mean abnormalities in the menstrual cycle.

Discovering the reason for the symptoms is important and treating the underlying reason, improving the hemoglobin ad replacing the iron in the body all adds up to more energy, attentiveness and achieving.

Our center takes the diagnosis and treatment of anemia very seriously and we work with our patients to ensure anemia doesn’t threaten their future.

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