Myelodysplastic Syndrome(MDS)

We may hear this term from time to time on the relatives or loved ones, and they probably found difficulty understanding what it does mean.

Basically, it is a bone marrow disease in which of the bone marrow is working hard, but is not producing blood

This disease can affect the different mother cells that produce different types of cells in the blood, in addition to that, also it can be associated with an early, transformation to what we call it preleukemic phase in which after certain period of time it can transform into leukemia, which is basically noncurable and could be fatal,

It can present itself with variety of presentation one of the most common , one is low blood and anemia , but it requires more than blood transfusion, it can improve with an injection like Procrit, or they will need more specific treatments basically called demethylating agents, and it does remove this methyl group, which revolve around the DNA and doesn’t allow it to translate into a useful protein which we call it the hemoglobin, and these drugs are reasonably efficient and easy to tolerate and 2 of them are available which is the Dacogen and Vidaza,

There is also Revlimid available for specific type of illness with specific chromosomal changes related to chromosome #5, and it does help to avoid transfusions in the future in our center we provide the state of art treatments and more , and clinical trials are available as well for any new drug.

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