Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a disease of the plasma cells, the cells are responsible for the immune system to fight bacteria, it secreted proteins in the target viruses and bacteria as well and other microorganisms.

Discharge sometimes to become malignant and which is a number of distance become so much that they feel the bone marrow and there is no place for other symptoms to develop, as a result of this the patient become anemic , develop low platelets.

As the cells are specifically at that the bone itself and erode the bone in the same way as with termites eat the wood, so the bone as of this patient’s become very fragile and it breaks easily simple and regular activities.


Also the proteins of the cells can damage the kidneys and results in renal failure and these patients they may go on dialysis for some time.

The treatment of multiple myeloma has improved tremendously in the last 10 years, was new drugs is an oral medications or intravenous became available to contact to this deadly illness.

With the start of a drug called Velcade which she basically derange the ability of cancer cells to survive and so therefore pushed to die.

And the introduction also off thalidomide, Revlimid, and these drugs work with diferrent mechanisms ,many patients, went into remission, and some of these nodes also are kept to be taken at a lower dose to maintain remission after bone marrow transplant.

the introduction of other drugs like progress, has given the patient’s another avenue of treatment, also the introduction ofpomalidomide or pomalyst the treatment of multiple myeloma has gone for tremendously since that most patients patients live years.

Some patients still will require what we call a bone marrow transplantation given at least once or twice to eradicate most of the resistant cells of multiple myeloma that could be sitting in the bone marrow even after the patient is in remission ,however not every patient will be eligible for bone marrow transplant and also not every patient will need bone marrow transplant, so this has to be discussed individually and according to his risk stratification of the disease and the condition of the patient.

In our center here will provide the status of the artery treatment for multiple myeloma and is a patient will need to be referred to transplant centers or University hospitals for second opinion we always arrange for that.

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