What is lymphoma?

Basically it is an illness of the lymph nodes and the cells that come out of the lymph nodes called lymphocytes, and it is a huge group of illnesses and it is divided, according to where is the origin of these lymphocytes, some of them originate from the thymoma site, other originate from certain areas in the bone marrow, not only this but every stage of development of this lymphocyte produce specific type of disease peculiar and specific for itself, so the cells that out of the thymoma we call a T cells and produce T-cell type of tumors which can vary between lymphomas and leukemias,

The B lymphocytes of that come out of the bone marrow can also produce certain types of lymphomas or leukemias that are specific according to the developmental stage of the cells,

The interesting part is that the lymphocytes that traverse the lymph nodes, develop changes that happens and during this process can produce a different developmental type of lymphocytes which, by default produce a different types of lymphoma.

The lymphoma that we know about can be as many and as much as the different types of cars that drive around us, and therefore treatment can vary accordingly. However, there are many new treatment modalities that are available and that most patients with lymphomas or this kind of tumors as a are able to put this illness and this cancer under control

Of the interesting evolution in the treatment of this disease in the discovery of the monoclonal antibodies that basically fight specific targets on the malignant cells and in this way spares the normal cells and by doing that the outcome will be better and side effects would be less,

One of the oldest of drug so that we use for that is Rituxan, which opened the era for this class of drugs and it also gets combined with a variety of chemotherapy and result in more potency and more efficacy and this will translate into a more survival,

Other drugs recently discovered like gazyva and ofatumomomab are used as well with different types of lymphoid malignancies,

In our practice we use state of art treatment and bring this to our patients to bring them the best outcomes

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