What is anemia?

Basically it is defined as low hemoglobin and anemia are different types and each Of them has a different reason,

The most common cause of anemia in our population is iron deficiency anemia and it is very common that people are not aware it is so simple to correct this type of anemia by taking iron, however other etiologies of anemia related to B12 or folate deficiency, some of them also related to breakdown of the blood inside our body and were not aware of that,

Other etiologies of anemia can come also from not producing blood and which is the bone marrow itself is not making blood for one reason or another, however to correct this anemia we need to find that etiology behind that and then it can be corrected,

Symptoms of anemia include being very tired no energy, sleeping most of the day, shortness of breath, sometimes fainting can happen, we call the syncope, occasional people can get chest pain because of low blood,

Your blood is needed for every organ in your body including the heart and the brain and when some people get anemic they may feel dizzy and can faint because of that, other can have some chest pain also because of that,

So you should be vigilant about yourself and check your blood periodically and have some attention to that and definitely this will add to your health

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