Located in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem is home to just under a million residents. Together along with Allentown and Easton form the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton metro area. It is the state’s 3rd largest metropolitan area and Bethlehem itself is the state’s largest and most populous contribution to the NYC population.

During the Great Depression, the city’s most well-known decoration came to life on December 7, 1937, the Bethlehem star. Originally created with four wooden planks overlapped, with 150 – 50 watt light bulbs, the star was replaced two years later with a star made by Bethlehem Steel that is still in use today. The star currently stands on South Mountain and when lit can be seen over 20 miles away.

Salib Oncology focuses on the patient and believes in delivering the highest standards of care for all of our patients. Each year roughly 2,050 Lehigh Valley residents are diagnosed with cancer. Most don’t know where to turn. Our friendly and expert staff are committed to bringing you the most successful cancer treatment outcome. Salib Oncology is connected to some of the most respected cancer centers in multiple metropolitan areas, if you need a second opinion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


(610) 317-2040
65 E. Elizabeth Ave.
Suite 304
Bethlehem, PA 18018

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